Why Do Men wear Underwear?


Why Do Men wear Underwear?

Men haven’t always worn underwear, but ever since these items were made available all over the world, it just made sense that they started to wear them regularly. Some people may think that they aren’t necessary to wear because pants alone cover up those areas and keep you warm, but underwear serves a couple of much more important purposes for men.

Men need do have a lot of movement in their mid sections, so it feels a lot better to have an extra piece of clothing there to keep from moving around too much. It is more comfortable to most men, but some do choose not to wear any underwear because they don’t think that it does anything special for them. For the most part, though, men like not having to worry about zippers and other things like that.

It also just doesn’t feel good to have pants rubbing up against that area all day, so a soft cotton or other material really helps to protect it. Comfort is the reason most people wear what they wear, and that’s why when men go shopping for underwear, they want the most comfortable ones that they can get. The majority of men find it way more comfortable to wear an underwear than to go ‘commando.,

Men should continue to wear underwears far into the future and chances are they will be designed in a way to protect and give them comfort even more than they do now. It’s much easier to understand why men wear underwear once you have heard some stories about those who chose not to wear them. Basically, the answer to the question is that it is better to wear them than it is not to wear them. It is a convenience that most people take advantage of every day.

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  1. Jeff

    October 12, 2014 6:40 am

    Interesting article. I only wear underwear to work and when I go to social events. Going without is so much more comfortable. I thought it would be a problem not to wear them. I then started going without on occasion and then it went into a full time thing. The comfort is much more than wearing them.


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