Why do labia grow?

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Labia are two fat pads present to safeguard the vagina and clitoris of woman from injury. Overgrowth of labia is known as labial hypertrophy. Here, the labia are enlarged and grow disproportionately. The reasons for labial hypertrophy are not exactly known and appear to take place naturally. Labial hypertrophy is not the result of any sexually transmitted disease or sexual activity. Sometimes, the labial size can be affected by hormonal imbalances and childbirth. The size and shape of the labia might change after childbirth and pregnancy. Labial hypertrophy is considered as the condition, which is not harmful. But, the two sides of the labia will increase in their size. Labial hypertrophy will not hinder the usual sexual function in women as the clitoris and vagina are found to be normal at this stage.

The overgrowth of labia might also result from weight gain, genetic inheritance and old age. Labial hypertrophy usually is seen in labia minora. But, it is also occasionally observed in labia majora. The labia might enlarge only at one side or it can happen on both the sides. At the time of puberty, due to some hormonal and chemical changes in the body of a woman, the development of breast takes place. Similarly, the inner labia also alter their size and color at the time of puberty, probably due to hormonal changes. This change is considered normal and similar to the other changes that happen when a female transforms into a woman.

The fluctuation of hormone levels in the body can result in the growth of labia and the labia get darkened gradually. Masturbation is not considered as the cause for the labial growth. The changes that occur in the labia during its growth are natural and do not usually cause any problem in the women. Some women might have discomfort and pain when the labia grow and change in their size. They might cause slight discomfort at the time of horse riding or bike riding.

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