Why Do Long Term Marriages Fail?

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Why Do Long Term Marriages Fail?

There is no perfect relationship. Even long term marriages fail. Eventhough how much effort you want to give in, things will never go right. A long –term marriage is perceived to be perfect and ideal but surprisingly, there are also rocky marriages even if the couple had been together for a long time.

Long term marriage fails because of boredom. Human has the tendency to be self-centered. There are couples who are not happy anymore with each other’s company. They get tired of the same routine, the same personality, and the same relationship. Couples want to seek more excitement from a different person. They want to seek happiness for themselves by sacrificing the sanctity of marriage.

Long term marriage may fail because of miscommunication. Although the couple might be living in the same house but then there is no quality time spent for the family, then a gap might exist between the couple. The problem will just continue to pile up until it will become a major conflict that becomes harder to solve.

Having no children is also one reason why long term marriages fail. Since children give light for the family, having no children would mean, defeating the purpose of marriage. There are couples who get married because they want to see their next generation. But because of biological and physical some couples can bear children. Because of this, they just decide to end the marriage because there’s no purpose to go on with the relationship.

Long term marriage is also affected by money. Money is evil as they say because it can cause war and disagreement especially if the couple is meticulous in financial matters. Some couples do not share the expenses and this makes survival of the family becomes more difficult.
Marriage is a long term commitment. It must be preserved well so that the basic unit of the society will be kept intact and united.

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