Why do palm trees turn yellow?

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Why do palm trees turn yellow?

Palm tree is the most beautiful among the tropical trees. This is because Palm is an evergreen tree. It can be easily found in warm areas. But for some reasons this tree turns yellow and destroys the natural beauty of the tree.

Lack of important nutrients in the soil turn the palm tree to yellow. Low storage of Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and combination of these in the soil is the main causes of being yellow. You must check the pH level of the soil because above pH level 7 can make this happen too. Sometimes if the roots get affected, it could also be a reason behind the changing of color. Make sure you have checked the soil and used proper combination of the elements. Each element has its own symptoms with which they can be identified easily. If the leaves come out unhealthy and becomes yellow then in this case the lack of Manganese is the cause. Low storage of Potassium makes yellow spot in older leaves and gradually they fall from the tree. Sometimes low level of Nitrogen also makes the leaves yellow and slackens its growth. You should check about the names of the elements, before you use the fertilizer. You can use around eight pound of fertilizer on a palm tree depending on its size.

Another cause behind the palm trees turning yellow is pests and insects. Some of us think that this color change is natural. But the fact is that, the lack of proper knowledge and care make this happen. These pests make the yellow spots all over the tree. There are also some funguses and bacteria that cause this yellow turning of palm trees. Palm trees need regular care to keep itself away from this criteria.

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