Why do Loggers Cut Down Trees?

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Why do Loggers Cut Down Trees?

Loggers cut the trees as they have to make land for the people to have shelter for them. Loggers also prepare land for the farmers to grow crops in the land as well as to keep their animals. Loggers also cut trees as they want to make money out of it. Cutting trees is very bad to the environment as the survival of animals and humans depends on the trees.

Cutting the trees would reduce the population as the people need oxygen to live. The timber is used by humans for various purposes like creating homes, as fuel, and in many more uses. Wood is renewable source of energy which cannot be replaced with any other substance. Due to this reason, it is really painful to make use of wood by cutting the trees. Killing the trees is creating hazards to the environment.

Loggers cut down trees to develop the land, make paper, desks, pencils, and many more. All these are synthesized from the trees and tree parts. The deforestation that results from cutting down the trees can at one side help the growing population to get their necessities. On the other side the environment experiences ecological imbalance.

Due to increase in population more crops are grown in the land by clearing the trees. The crops were also grown to make revenue through exportation. The crops that were exported include oil, rice, palm, tea, coffee and rubber. The palm oil that is obtained from the tree is used as biodiesel. Deforestation also makes the sunlight to pass through the space created by cutting the trees. This makes the ground soil dry and soil loses water in it. Loggers cut the trees also to generate open land for building hydroelectric power stations, to mine the land for valuable metals, and for construction of roads. Droughts result due to the cutting of trees which is a major hazard to the people living nearby.

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