Why Do Socks Disappear?

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Why Do Socks Disappear?

Everytime we do our laundry, there is always one piece of clothing that is missing – our socks! Why do socks disappear? Some people have funny reasons why socks are always missing and some of those are enumerated below:
1. Santa Claus needs more socks for the holidays. Since it is already a tradition that children receive gifts packed in a knitted sock, there is a shortage of those when December comes. Santa’s helpers had to steal socks for their future consumption.

2. Socks can be made into balls. With lots of collections of socks, there will be more balls to make. These balls are great for field games such as softball, football, or even basketball. May be these socks were stolen by sports fanatics.

3. Socks fanatics just love to collect this piece of clothing so decorate their homes. A collection of socks with different color and sizes can be very interesting to look at that’s why they are sometimes tempted to get the socks especially if you hang it in your backyard to dry.

4. People who are fashionable might have been interested with your socks. They love to wear unmatched socks of bright colors and weird designs as part of their attire.

5. Another thing to blame when your socks disappear is your dryer. It might have malfunctioned that’s why it literally ate your sock. It has been sucked up by the dryer or may have been stuck inside the washing machine or dryer.

Whatever the reasons may be, it is very common for a sock to disappear because it is a tiny piece of garment. It can easily get lost with other clothes. Sometimes, we thought that our sock may disappear but if we will look for them again, they are just hidden under the shirts or pants.

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