Why Does It Hurt When I Have Intercourse?

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Why Does It Hurt When I Have Intercourse?

Sex shouldn’t hurt! Sex is supposed to be an extremely pleasurable and comfortable experience ‘š pain is the last thing that you should have. What you have is an issue called dyspareunia ‘š painful sexual intercourse, which can be caused by a number of different things, such as physiological problems or medications.

Sex is difficult to talk about with anyone, and questions like this are very important to ask. Communication is a very important part of sex, but there are so many social taboos around talking about sex that it is very common to be just a communication issue. It is extremely important to talk to your partner about your sexual relationship, as this can make a huge difference between a good relationship and a bad one. The best way to fix any issue with your sexual relationship is to talk about it and then work together so that you both are happy.

The cause of the pain can depend on several things: whether it has always felt like this or whether it is just starting as a new development. Another is how and when it hurts ‘š is it more of a burning or an aching, does it start right when he enters, or is it more when he is already deep inside? These answers do matter.

One of the main reasons for the pain is simply a lack of lubrication, which causes friction, bringing intense pain. Use a synthetic lubricant, or be sure to engage in enough foreplay to provide adequate lubrication. This can be from lack of excitement, or because of fear ‘š of infection, of pregnancy. Fear should not be present in sex, and should be fixed until you are comfortable about the situation. Incest or abuse can also damage you mentally, and affecting you physiologically.

Pain from insertion can come from inflammation of the genitals, and can be from an infection or trauma that has happened, or a benign cyst, but always should be looked at by a medical professional before having sexual encounters. Deeper pain can be from the inner organs being tender to the touch, yet another symptom that should be looked at. When questionable symptoms occur, never hesitate to have them looked at, as they can lead to much more serious conditions, especially if the pain doesn’t go away for quite some time.

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