Why Does Justin Bieber wear a Band Aid?

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Why Does Justin Bieber wear a Band Aid?

It blows my mind how so many people are so interested in Justin Bieber’s every single move, but I guess that is how it goes for the superstars in today’s world. Trying to figure out the exact reason as to why Justin Bieber wears a band aid on his right hand is something that is not an exact science. I have asked people around and have done some research online, but it is not completely clear as to why he has decided to use this accessory in his outfits with a new one every single day.

My first theory as to why he has decided to wear a band aid is that he may or may not have been in an accident that requires him to wear a band aid for health reasons. That sounds logical enough, but the fact that he tends to wear the band aid constantly would require him to have been in some serious accident and there has actually been no such reports of that ever happening.

Another theory of mine, based on reports online, is that he, like myself, plays guitar and does not want to aggravate a prior injury on his guitar playing fingers. I have had such injuries before and they are definitely no fun to play with. This theory makes the most sense even though it is not clear whether it is the true answer to this mind boggling question.

The bottom line, though, Justin Bieber is a star who might just be trying to start a new fashion trend with his band aid usage. I could not blame him for trying if that is the direction he is going. In fact, it seems that the trend has already caught on with quite a few musicians already. So, I think that no matter what the reason is, it is gaining him more attention in the media and among his fans. It is working well for him no matter what his initial intentions were.

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