Why Are Girls Insecure?

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Why Girls are Insecure?

Girlhood is no longer like what is used to be. While there still may be a handful of girls out there who still revel in the books or dress up their dolls, they aren’t catching the eyes of sociologists who seem to agree that girls of today are growing up in a hyper-sexualized peer-pressured boiling pot. Come to think of it, even the youngest of girls nowadays are far too busy trying to look like Barbie Dolls to have time to play with them.

So why are a whole lot of girls so insecure? It no longer comes as a surprise to know that beauty and appearance feature prominently the minds of most girls and they are prematurely turning into adults’ right before our eyes.

While girls try to put on perky and self-assured faces, you can almost readily see a longing to be superficially different from the rest. They wish to be smaller, taller, richer, and blonder or skinnier and a hierarchy of acceptable attributes start to form subconsciously in their heads.

It’s a sad truth. Many girls these days are insecure and always ‘dying, to keep at pace with what is ‘in, and acceptable, because society is indirectly programming them to be that way. And nowadays, boys are no longer an exception to this social plague.

In a world where aesthetics and physical looks are sensationalized, we need to be able to educate the new generation to stop focusing on look but on their assets, instead. Everyone has insecurities and everyone has his or her imperfections and it is important to connect with others to combat these feelings for the same reasons that insecurity often stems from a feeling of detachment, alienation of purposelessness.

When we lack confidence, we tend to focus on what we don’t have rather than what we have. If we connect ourselves more to people, most especially people who matter to us, the feelings that we are affecting others is capable of making feelings of rejection and purposelessness can recede.

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