Why is Blackberry so Popular?

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Why is Blackberry so Popular?

A few years ago, there was a sudden rush of new hi-tech phones that were capable of letting its users browse the Web and check email and things like that. One of the first phones to allow its users to do these types of things, and probably the most popular at the time, was the Blackberry. It certainly was the most cutting edge phone of its kind and led the way for many more types of phones to offer the same things to its customers.

Blackberry phones never had the touchscreen capabilities that you may see on the iPhone and other new age phones these days, but they were very popular for giving its users the chance to use one of those digital pens and also a full keyboard for sending emails and text messages. Many big time companies out there were giving their employees these phones as perks and this led to an even wider range of networking for today’s working citizens.

The fact that Blackberry phones are still around is a testament to how well their business model is mapped out and how amazing their marketing and research teams have been built up. There are not many companies out there who come out with a trailblazing product and years later still have one of the more profitable organizations in the world. This all goes back to the people who created this amazing phone and how they have been able to stay ahead of the game.

I firmly believe that it is going to take quite a while for any company in the networking industry to be able to say that they have stuck around through everything that has gone on in the business world as long as Blackberry has. It is actually pretty rare to have technological companies last this long in this dog eat dog era we live in today.

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