Why do hooters girls wear pantyhose?

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There are tons of ways of expressing people’s desire in this world. Human being always pushes the limit of every limitation to the most extreme a level. ‘Hooters Girls’ is such a term. Hooters Girls are usually seen to wear pantyhose and even this could be interesting to some person and question might arise that why would they wear it! There are reasons that link physically, psychologically as well as socially.

Pantyhose have become a dress code and as there is a trend of following certain dress codes in certain occupations and work sectors, hooters girls are seen to wear pantyhose. It has become a trend for them. There are some health related issues too and that is why some hooters girls prefer to wear pantyhose. Then again some wear it to hide their fat! It is really not clearly understandable that how fat could be covered by pantyhose but there are popular feelings about it. Then again some over concerned hooters girls cover their legs thinking that their legs are not as attractive as it should have been. On the other hand there are some who tries to cover some parts of their body feeling concerned about it deep inside. But nothing can be said about the authority as all the hooters girls become one by agreeing to the terms and conditions. And it is described over there that this life would not be easy.

This could also be a reason behind wearing the pantyhose so that they never forget for a single moment that the life has been chosen by them and pantyhose is more or less a trademark for them to wear.

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