Why is AAPL falling?

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Why is AAPL falling?

AAPL is the abbreviated form of Apple Incorporated. This multinational corporation is the one of America’s leading companies in selling electronic devices, softwares, and computer s. Its invention of the iPod, iPad, iPhone and other Macintosh line of computers have made its name known all over world and across the globe. Established in the year 1976 and incorporated in 1977, Apple continues to expand its consumer electronic horizon and has now built a unique reputation in the industry of electronics. Reports also claim that, apart from the awards and positive criticisms Apple receive, it’s annual sales of $65.23 billion is a proof of how Apple dominated the various countries of the world.

Although the stock market has shown that Apple Inc. is one of the companies that make it to the top in terms of sales, many have been claiming that Apple Inc. is slowly falling. One of the factors that made a contribution to the sales of AAPL is that false news are being reported regarding the products made by Apple Inc. One report has claimed that the release of Apple’s newest version of iPhone, iPhone 4 to be specific, and Leopard OS X will be delayed. Upon hearing this news, the sales of Apple products blundered immediately. This alarming news caused an immediate 2.2 percent fall back on the company’s sales. In addition to that AAPL is falling because of the changes that are greatly affecting the economic status of countries. AAPL products demands high cost finances that is difficult to level with, especially when slow growths in the market are evident.

Apple Inc. or AAPL make continue to produce high-tech gadgets and electronics that can attract many people but it is not impossible for AAPL to fall, especially in these times of financial crises.

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