Why is affirmative action controversial?

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Why is affirmative action controversial?

Affirmative action is the part of policy that considers some factors like color, race, gender, religion, or national origin in utilizing them for all academic and social activities. These factors are reconsidered to uplift the groups that were underrepresented. The social discrimination of people is the main cause of initiation of affirmative action. This type of policy can be implemented in employment, education, public contracting and health programs. It was first signed and implemented from 1961, March 6th by the president John F. Kennedy. The affirmative action was used to achieve non-discrimination. The procedure taken in the form of affirmative action was similarly carried out in other countries like reservations in India”, positive discrimination in UK” and employment equity in Canada”.

The affirmative action was carried out to provide equal opportunity to all social groups. The policy justifies in providing the compensation for the discrimination happened in the past or oppression or utilization of minority groups by the ruling class people. The affirmative action policy is not controversial as there is lot of public support regarding racial discrimination. There are many opponents for this policy of affirmative action. One of them such as George Sher says that this policy contends the ability and achievements of people who get employment by getting recruited based on their social group rather than their qualification. Affirmative action devalues the accomplishments and achievements of such people. The opponents also say that this policy is a way of doing reverse discrimination”.

The controversy against affirmative action extends to say that it can cease the people to reconcile, replace old mistakes with new mistakes. The opposition also raises voice to say that this policy will encourage the people to think about themselves as incapable though they are not like that. This policy might enhance pressure among the races. Another reason for the controversy is that this policy will create benefit to the highly privileged people in the minority group than the people who are economically backward in majority groups (whites). This policy might cause the non-preferred groups to show less interest in their performance and the preferred groups will automatically feel that it is unnecessary for them to perform better. These are some of the disadvantages of affirmative action. Hence, it became controversial.

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