Why is Athena important

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Why is Athena important

Athena is one of the most popular and perhaps well loved Greek goddesses in Mythology. The meaning of her name is a mystery, and the story of her birth is fascinating. She is known to be the daughter of Zeus alone, without a mother, and believed to be her father’s favorite too. Although in Hesiod’s account, Athena’s mother was Metis (the most Knowing).

Athena’s persona is highly celebrated that numerous temples, images, and representations were created on her behalf. Among the many temples of Athena, the Parthenon (located at Athens, Greece) is the most famous. It is considered to be the most significant existing structure representing Ancient Greece, Athenian democracy, and one of the greatest cultural monuments worldwide. It is said that the Parthenon in actuality is not a temple, instead it served as a storage building where gold that are dedicated to Athena are placed.

In connection with the Parthenon, Athena is also linked with Greece’s largest capital city and one of the world’s oldest named cities, Athens. According to mythology, Athena competed with her uncle Poseidon for the patronship of Athens. It was told that the dispute between the two gods started because of their mutual interest in a particular city in Greece. Since both claimed the rights for the city, it was decided that the god who could present the most excellent gift can have the city. To establish his rights Poseidon struck his trident upon the rock of the Acropolis and spring arise up from it. However the spring was useless since the water that came out from the spring was salty. Athena’s gift on the other hand was an olive tree which was viewed to be better because it provides oil, wood, and food. Athena won and she named her city Athens.

Other depictions of Athena include the owl, symbol of wisdom in relation to her representation as the goddess of wisdom, and often described as gray-eyed”. Athena is viewed to be the protector of civilized life, agriculture, handicrafts, reason, purity, and much more. She may not be the goddess of war, but she was the goddess of victory in war.

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