Why is Bullying a problem?

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Why is Bullying a problem?

Bullying still continued in schools inspite of several steps taken by the school authorities. Security cameras and metal detectors were used to reduce the use of weapons and any other crime that may happen in schools. They worked well to some extent but could not eradicate the problem completely. A research study conducted previously by US center for disease control and prevention has revealed that about 10,000 children were observed to avoid school at least one day in a month. This is because of the fear for bullying. Most of children reported that they are bullied once in a week. Bullying has become a serious problem to the stage that it is looked as a social problem for the teenagers. Many of the adults and students still support this act of bullying as an important passage in student’s life and bullying as a way of school life.

Psychotherapists and parents still see it that bullying can cause harm to the relationships and emotional status of the victims in their future. Bullying basically hinders the psychological development of the victim. Children easily react to the emotional and physical harassment. They get embarrassed, intimidated and afraid of the bullying and all these can be watched in them when they react to the stress. Children change their behavior immediately when they are affected by trauma and stress. They tend to be more vigilant towards the repetition of this act and they do not like to develop any intimacy with the elders. Bullying makes the children to get irritated, have poor concentration, have disturbed sleep, develop changes in eating, have discomfort and difficulty in academic activities, feel ashamed to talk or share personal feelings with others, develop hopelessness and get depressed.

Bullying seems to continue as the people who are getting bullied have good appearance and good social status. It appears that bullying is done based on these issues only. The way the bullied person responds to bullying also enhances this big problem.

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