Why is Depression often mistaken as Dementia?

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Why is Depression often mistaken as Dementia?

Forgetting is considered normal; as we age we lose brain cells and so as the chemicals in our body to produce brain cells. But if you’re having problems remembering things you used to do before, the memory problem you have may be a cause of something more serious, like depression or dementia.
Depression is the feeling of sadness that won’t go away. Chemicals in the brain like Neurotransmitters, serotonin, noradrenalin, and dopamine plays a major role on why depression progress. People who suffer depression feel lifeless; they are unable to feel pleasure that once they enjoy doing. Symptoms of depression include feeling pessimistic, sleep ing disorder, agitation, difficulty to concentrate and remember things, loss of appetite and suicidal intentions/attempts. They as well have difficulty in remembering things although unlike dementia they are able to recall it in the long run.
Dementia affects cognitive ability. Dementia is diagnosed if it has been present for 6 months; if it is shorter it is called delirium. Symptoms of Early Dementia include forgetfulness, difficulty remembering things, losing interest or desire to take part in daily activities, increased irritability. Moderate Dementia symptoms are forgetting dates, age, and even own name, becoming lost attributed to loss of memory and confusion. They remember past events and live it in the present and hallucinations both auditory and visual. Symptoms of Severe Dementia Sleeping disorder, Unable to recognize own family and friends, Fecal and Urinary Incontinence, Aggression and easily threatened.
Depression and Dementia are often mistaken with each other is because there symptoms coincides, it is only in the moderate stage of dementia that the illness are differentiated. Symptoms of Early dementia and depression that coincides are difficulty in remembering things or forgetfulness, increased irritability or agitation. These symptoms are the lying cause why depression and dementia is often confused with each other.

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