Why is Everything Made in China?

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Why is Everything Made in China?

I think everyone has seen by now all of the tags and brandings on household items and clothing that say Made in China regardless of where you purchase the items from. China, for many years, has been the leader in producing and creating many of the necessary things that you and I use each and every day and I do not think that is going to change anytime soon. The amount of people they have working over there and the amount of effort that they put into their technical schools and education is something that I think the United States could really take a page out of their book and run with it.

Sure, there are things that we make and distribute across the globe, but there will never come a day where we can say that we out do the Chinese in means of manufacturing and distributing products across the world. That is not to say that there should never be any friendly competition between the two countries, but we really need to step up our game if we want to overtake or even come close to overtaking the Chinese in any of these facets.

Just about everything we own and use on a daily basis can be traced back to the many different companies in China that fire out these amazing products at an incredible rate. There are many different economical reasons why this occurs, but the bottom line is that they just have more people and more talented people doing these great jobs each and every day. Until we get more people in the factories and on the assembly line, we will always be second best in terms of pushing out our products and get our own country’s name on the brands instead of China’s. It is up to us to make up that ground, but unfortunately I just do not see that happening anytime soon.

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