Why Is No Dew Formed On A Windy Day?

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Why Is No Dew Formed On A Windy Day?

On a cool evening or even a day after a chill and calm night, you would sometimes notice small water droplets forming on the top of your car. This also happens when you allow mist to form inside your vehicle by turning up the air conditioner then lowering its temperature. During mornings at the park, you would also see these same small water droplets on the grass blades and other visible surfaces.

These tiny droplets of water are what scientists call dew. Dew occurs and forms whenever a temperature wanes to one that is higher than its previous to the next surface thus producing these small droplets of liquid that are composed of the same water vapor that can be found in the air. Take for example the top of your car as mentioned earlier. When it is cooling, the next flow of air coming towards it would deposit some of it’s water vapor which thus forms the drew drops because of the difference in temperature.

Now that it is known why dew drops form, it would be good to find out why they do not during windy days. Come to think of it, dew is more abundant during spring or autumn but never during the summer. So perhaps you can conclude that dew is more predominant during the coldest of the seasons.

As you would notice, dew forms more often than not in cool environments wherein there is high humidity in the air or the atmosphere is clear thus allowing the air to make deposits of water vapor droplets to surfaces and other things. Though in windy and hot conditions, due may also form, like in dessert areas, it is less likely to in hot temperatures because moisture is readily produced. As we speak, when the air contains an insufficient amount of moisture than can be sustained over periods of low temperature, no dew will be formed.

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