Why Is Jack A Nickname For John?

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Why Is Jack A Nickname For John?

John F. Kennedy is known as ‘Jack, to his family, relatives and friends. If you look at both names closely, they don’t correlate with each other except both have ‘J, as its first letter. But the sounds that these names produce, whenever you say it are totally different! So, why is Jack a nickname for John?

It’s true that ‘Jack, as a pet name for ‘John, doesn’t make much sense. But, if you know the history of these names then you will be eventually enlightened. The name ‘John, was popularly known since biblical times. Throughout the 17th century or middle Ages, due to Germanic tongues, the name John was somewhat changed to ‘Jankin or Jackin,. As an outcome, they used the name Jack as a nick name for John.

Every person named John normally uses Jack as their alias. Not only JFK uses this nickname; also, John McCain, John Stewart and John Malone are among the famous people who followed this trend. John as Jack is not the only weird associated names you can hear around. For the same reason and era, Richard-Dick, Henry-Harry, James-Jim, Sarah-Sally, Edward-Teddy, Susannah-Sukie became famous names worldwide.

The Germans do have a hard time to produce the sounds of some letters such as R, L, and D. The sounds of these letters are usually interchanged by German tongues. So, whenever they say words or names that have these letters, it produces a different sound. Then, they get used into pronouncing the names and words on their own way. But there are times that they relate the names to ancient history and famous people of their tribes.

Names are very important to all of us; sometimes a name alone will signify your whole persona. So it doesn’t really matter if you have nicknames far from your birth name, the most important thing is you live the name you have with integrity.

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