Why is oceanography important?

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Why is oceanography important?

Oceanography is a branch of science that deals with the physical and biological aspect of the ocean. It studies marine life, ocean currents, plate tectonics, and other ocean dynamics.  It can cover different scientific process such as the study of physics, biology, chemistry, and geology.

By conducting experiments involving the ocean, we can have a wider understanding of how water behaves.  The properties of water are important to understand different factors that may control it.  Through observing the ocean, we can come up with theories that are applicable in further scientific investigations.

As part of geology, the composition of the ocean can also be studied especially the physical and chemical composition of the sea floor.  Through oceanography, we have answers why certain occurrences happen on earth such as the tectonic movements, ocean waves and other natural disasters occurring in the ocean.

It is also beneficial to study the ocean because of its unique chemical components.  The chemistry of the ocean should be studied for it to compare with its biological component.  Further understanding of water composition would also lead to a better comprehension of how water behaves in the ocean.

Another reason why we need to study the ocean is to investigate marine life and to find ways on how to preserve them.  Marine communities are very important to us because these give us food and other resources.

Oceanography can also be linked with biosphere concerns such as the global climate changes.  .
How climate behaves can be fully understood by examining the processes of evaporation and precipitation which the ocean is greatly involved with.

The ocean may be a mystery which is difficult to fathom but with further studies on oceanography, human beings may be able to discover that there are also a possibility to live in the ocean or maybe more medical advancements can be discovered with the help of marine life and its environment.

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