Why is Philadelphia important?

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Why is Philadelphia important?

Philadelphia City is located in the State of Pennsylvania and is considered as an educational, commercial, and cultural center in America. Philadelphia is even considered as an important city because of its historical value. In the 1700, Philadelphia became a city and with the help of Benjamin Franklin, the city improved and became the central location for America’s revolutionaries.
The most important events that happened in Philadelphia were the first and second continental congresses. The city even became as the capital of the United States during the War for Independence. Another historical scenario that made Philadelphia an important city was becoming a venue during the convention that produced the Constitution of the United States. It was also where the Revolutionary Congress took place. The signing of declaration of American Independence was also held in Philadelphia.
Being a temporary capital of the US, Philadelphia became an important urban destination. The port occupied thousands of travelers and the city even housed different manufacturing centers. Cannons, gunpowder, swords, and other war supplies were produced in Philadelphia. There was also the first paper mill and the factory of textiles. During the revolution, Philadelphia also served as provider of food and livestock to the army.
There were a lot of important educational infrastructures in Philadelphia. There’s the University of Philadelphia , The Academy of Natural Science, the Philadelphia Zoo, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Philadelphia is also a place where historical sites can be found. There is the Independence National Historical Park, the Independence Hall where the declaration of independence was signed, and the Liberty Bell.
Philadelphia is indeed the combination of the past and present United States. With its current economic state, historical contribution, and innovation, Philadelphia is becoming a prominent city in the US with that it must be considered an important part of the US development.

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