Why is Privacy important?

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Why is Privacy important?

Privacy helps the person to be autonomous, unique and original. People have a power of sharing or hiding the information about themselves. The country that is free will not compel the people to opt for the choice of either sharing their own information or hiding it. Privacy given by the government allows the information related to the cultures and subcultures to be defined. It exemplifies how the private information spreads in the economy and society.

Privacy is important because it provides functional benefits. For example, privacy can be followed and protected by being anonymous. Anonymity can allow the person to participate in the political rally, go to bar and not necessary to give an answer to the opponents. Being anonymous and pseudonymous will provide privacy and peace of mind. There cannot be an exact reason for why privacy is important. It is because several interests of the people are disturbed by conquering their privacy.

Privacy is essential to safeguard the interests and objectives of the people in the competitive situations. This can be explained taking an example. In a game, one player has to have privacy to analyze the situation and think privately to plan for his next step. It would be disadvantage for him if his plans were learnt by his opponent. So, he should be allowed to do it in private. Privacy is important to be followed if anyone does not want his or her personal aspects or behavior known to others. If they come to know about his details, they would get embarrassed. Due to this reason the person will hide his personal matters and keep them private.

Privacy is the right of human beings and can be utilized to safeguard the dignity and respect of the individual. Some people who are in power tend to abuse others just for entertainment even though they do not find any wrong in others. Privacy helps us to be away from those people. Various people have their own reasons to maintain privacy. If you do not want your employer to know about your job hunt or if you do not want to tell about your love moments to others or if you do not reveal the trade secrets to your opponents, privacy is important.

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