Why is Omegle not working?

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Why is Omegle not working?

Omegle is an online chat site where one can meet any person, that is, a stranger. Created by an eighteen year old lad named Leif K-Brooks who is a resident of Brattlebro in Vermont, he named the site Omegle as an altered form of the word omega. Launched last March 25 of 2009, the omega symbol is seen in its logo, only placed diagonally. Registered in Switzerland, Omegle introduced and made popular the concept of anonymous chat, also called stranger chat or one-on-one chat. And just last March 14, 2010, an additional feature of video conferencing was made available in conjunction with text chatting.

Due to the site’s unrestricted accessibility, controversies have revolved around the level of privacy regarding the site. Many adults, especially parents are concerned of what this site can bring into the minds of their children and the young people. Aside from that, another complaint has been circumnavigating with concerns of the site’s functionality. Many people using Omegle had been complaining that the site is not working. Others claimed that along with another online chat site, Chatroulette, the site went offline and will remain for quite some time for some updates. However, other also claimed that Omegle was just an experiment and that the duration of the experiment has already ended. That is why people accessing the site cannot view the site anymore because the contract for the site to be online is over. In another claim, the site was said to be not working because it was banned for having R-rated content.

Omegle can now be accessed without its video conferencing feature. Although, many may find this site of great interest, one must keep in mind not to give any pertinent information like addresses, that might put oneself in imminent danger.

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