Why is Rehabilitation important?

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Why is Rehabilitation important?

Rehabilitation is a medicine that will treat the disorders which give disability. Rehabilitation involves solving problems related to the functioning of neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems in the body. Rehabilitation can be provided to people of all age groups, all socioeconomic groups, all kinds of races and all ethnic groups. Though the companies are providing proper safety methods, the cost of musculoskeletal injuries occurring at the on-the-job site was found to be increasing. The claim for an injury was estimated to be on an average of $25,000. Some of the claims may go to about 100 times the average cost. Companies are thus searching for cost effective methods of providing rehabilitation to get back the good workers for the productive jobs.

The main intention behind providing rehabilitation is to make the patient to receive specific treatments and to improve the health of the patient. Due to the practice of rehabilitation programs many patients were found to come back to their normal lives which they had before the injury. They are able to carry out their responsibilities properly again, able to live independently and have a good quality of life. The lack of rehabilitation program would make the patients to suffer from the disorder for the rest of their lives or they may not recover completely from it all through their lives. The care that should be taken for the rest of the life to recover from the suffering would be more than that spent on rehabilitation.

It was reported that about 2 million people in the United States suffer from heart attacks in a year. This might cost around $30 billion directly or indirectly. The functionality of their organs and their independence will be restored completely by rehabilitation in nearly 67% of those who were saved from stroke. Rehabilitation may not be useful to treat severe brain injury. This method can make the people who could be saved after stroke to learn speech, have control over motor functions and urinary or bowel movements. To help the survivors of the heart attack, rehabilitation can be given in the beginning for about 24 to 48 hours after the attack.

As the rate of incidence of cancers, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, on-the-job injuries and automobile injuries are increasing rehabilitation has been looked as an important method of handling the treated patients.

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