Why Is UFC Banned In Ontario?

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Why Is UFC Banned In Ontario?

UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is a company which promotes MMA or what they call Mixed Martial Arts with its own set of rules. They are bound by the Mixed Martial Arts Unified Rules and solely based in the United States with various events all over the globe featuring top rated mixed martial arts athletes. Its parent company is Zuffa LLC handles by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta with Dana White as their UFC branch president.

Since this is a worldwide event, the company travels from one place to another within the United States to showcase what they have to the public. It is a sport and a very dangerous contact sport at that being it is very physical and can indeed hurt another person with just a small move. The ultimate intention is to make the lesser player ‘tap out, by any means necessary to end the game. The athletes participating in these competitions are mixed martial arts experts which includes boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu (Brazilian), wrestling and a whole lot more. As the name explicitly denotes: Ultimate Fighting Champion; in that sense, there can only be one ultimate fighter standing worthy of the title.

Yes it is harsh to look at and watch especially since its popularity has gained all over the years from when it first came out in 1993 ‘š showing in various cable networks that reaches even as far as Asia. Kids can watch it anytime and the problem by some parents is that it showcases a lot of dangerous fight moves. That is why in Ontario, Canada, the show is banned until now.

In their Criminal Code section 8.31, prize fighting is illegal (except for Boxing) and criminal offense. So anyone participating in the competition is bound by the law to suffer its consequences. That does not only include the players, but also every person attending to it: watchers, coaches, commentators, organizers ‘š everyone!

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