Why Use a Travel Agent?

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Why Use a Travel Agent?

There are many, many reasons to use a travel agent, and only a few are listed below.

First of all, a travel agent represents you, but acts as a whole company. If there is an issue with a hotel, rental car agency, flight service, or anything in between, not only will the travel agent fix what ever the issue is, but also will probably get you a discount. Why? Because those companies only want to please your travel agency, so that they can keep their business, and the travel agency only wants to make you happy, to keep your business. The flight, car and hotel companies don’t care about one single traveler or family ‘š they care about the travel agencies that bring them hundreds upon thousands of customers.

Next, a travel agent takes care of everything for you ‘š all the arrangements, reservations, bookings, paperwork and payments ‘š everything. All you have to do is pack (and if you wanted, I’m sure they could find you someone to do that for you, too ‘š that’s how good they are).

They also manage to figure out not only everything, but which everything works for you and your price range ‘š which hotels in what locations, which cruise lines, which rental cr agency (perhaps you just want to drive and drop your car off in another city ‘š not all of them do that). By asking a whole bunch of questions and getting to know what you expect, they can help you pick out the very best vacation for your price, and which vacation is for you ‘š no two customers are the same.

And finally ‘š it’s their job! Why waste your time and energy to eventually find everything that someone else could for the same or less prices, prices which often times equal out to the cost plus their service for what you would have paid for everything altogether together in the first place.

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