Why was Puck not on Glee?

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Why was Puck not on Glee?

One of the famous fictional characters of the highest TV series shown on Fox, musical drama series Glee, is Noah Puckery. Portrayed by Mark Salling, the character of Puck was created by Glee creators’ Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. Simply called as Puck, this man is known to be a bully football player at William McKinley High School. He is the best friend of Finn, the quarterback of the college football and is known to easily hook up with girls he desires to be his girlfriend. As the series go on, Puck mocks Finn for joining Glee but eventually found himself to be joining as well. Conflicts continue to as Puck was found to be the reason for Quinn’s pregnancy, the captain of the cheering squad, who is also the girlfriend of Finn. The story of Glee remains to be captivating more and more viewers as characters get to be known.

As for Puck, many fans have noticed that he was absent for the Duets” episode. Many query of his absence. One report revealed that the actor himself, Mark Salling has to face the consequence of the having violated the contract. Mark Salling was rumored to be pursuing his long time dream of going solo and Glee just got on his way. The young actor claims that his band is very important to him and he isn’t ashamed of promoting the two albums that were already released. This was said to place Mark in the hiatus of his career, though others are claiming otherwise.

Although producers and executives remain to be nonchalant about the issue, many are still in the hope that Puck continues to be the bully character in Glee that gradually shows off his soft side as the show progresses.

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