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Why is Bullying Wrong?

Why is Bullying Wrong?

Bullying is a form of teasing others. Calling someone with wrong name, abusing someone, writing about others nastily, not talking to others and leaving them alone, scaring others unnecessarily and making them inconvenient and uncomfortable, kicking them and forcing them to do some work which they do not like are some of the ways by which one can bully others. If anyone has done these deeds to others then definitely it is wrong because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Bullying is done on some people for no particular reason probably because of racial differences or the way people speak out or their skin color or their size or their weird names. When young people are bullied it becomes so difficult for them to cope up with the situation. They get depressed and start feeling lonely and unhappy. They feel insecure and get frightened very much. Bullying young people might be harmful to them as they lose their self confidence and keep on feeling guilty about themselves. They start thinking that there is something wrong within them. This can make them sick.

Every person has the right to live with safety and proper security. If you are bullied just because you are different from others then it is better to be happy about that rather than feel bad about it. It is advised for the young people to bring it to the notice of elders when you are bullied. This will start solving your problem. It is also advised to move in groups to avoid being bullied. One should develop the attitude of stopping it when anyone else is bullied in front of you. It is necessary for us to tell the bully that he is wrong. It is also our duty to help the sufferer to take this issue to their elder’s notice. So, it is morally wrong to do bullying.

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  2. this website sucks! stop telling people to ignore bullies and be happy with who you are!!!! of coarse you should be happy with who you are but seriously!!!!! stop talking and DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Something needs to be done. It is horrible, and disgusting and it’s also part of my homework :(

  4. “Bullying is done on some people for no particular reason probably because”

    This is poorly written rubbish.

  5. bullying is so fun nerds get whats coming to them

  6. I think bullying is horrible and should no longer happen it so horrible seeing how mean people can be!!!:{

  7. i think that u are stupid if you think that in cool to bother others because you don’t like them you are a ass for that

  8. bullying is not fun to some people but it is fun to me but it does make people kill thhem self that would make me feel bad

  9. Deavan, I really wish the cruelest bullie start bullying you so I can watch you come back here and write you love bullying.
    Haven’t you ever heard about the “golden rule”?

  10. i think bully is not cool, because some other people are getting hurt from bullying! so yeah, people who loves bullying! y’all suck! so yah, ignore bullies peepz!(people) 😛

  11. Something needs to be done about bullying. It shouldn’t be ignored or a pleasure. I wish bullying was extinct like the dinosaurs where people in the future will do research about it but never really know what it exactly did to our daily lives. There is something you can do. The next time you see someone bully someone just say “grow some balls you dick head”. That’ll teach’em!!!

  12. i feel bad for those that get bullied alot

  13. Bullying is bad but people also need to stand up for themselves. If they are being bullied, just stand up to the bully and he/she will stop.

  14. Guyz i dnt think bullying others is right because u wnt 2 get an attention 2 them. No! guyz. All that people say it right 2 bully i think their need a fast help!!:/

  15. Guyz 2 exaggerate bullying others is not right. If u still think that bully others is right u need a fast help!!

  16. Bullying is not worth it because you might get hurt or upset

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