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Why Was Julius Caesar Assassinated?

Why Was Julius Caesar Assassinated?

Obviously, Julius Caesar was considered to be the most famous and powerful Roman emperor that the world could ever have. He was also most envied because of his intelligence and capacity to lead the entire Roman nation to its heights. He came from a family of leaders and politicians from which he got all those traits of being an effective and powerful Roman leader. Because of his excellent traits, a lot of his opponents most especially those eyeing for his prestigious position who were at the same time Roman senators made stories which were against him. These stories which were mostly unfounded became the fire that triggered other government officials to plot an assassination against the brilliant Julius Caesar. He was so upset upon hearing all those stories simply because he knew very well that they were all baseless!

Historians agreed that this famous Roman emperor who reigned from 100-44 BC, Julius Caesar was actually a victim of false accusations and assertions as he was viewed wrongly as a cruel tyrant, thus threatening the entire Roman empire with his untoward leadership. In March 15, 44 BC, the fateful day when he was stabbed to death by those greedy people from the senate, Julius Caesar finally had his last breath. This episode in the Roman history saddened many since they believed that Julius Caesar did a lot of transformation which changed the lives of so many Roman citizens for the better.

Julius Caesar will always be remembered as one emperor who brought change for the better of most of his followers and people, from the military, to the most ordinary citizens who never waver in doing everything they can and serving to the best of their abilities for the improvement of the leadership of their well-loved Julius Caesar. He will forever be remembered and loved by Rome.

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