Why Do Abusers Abuse?

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Why Do Abusers Abuse?

A child with a broken nose and marks on the back. A young girl forcefully harassed in her room by the stepfather. A mother threatened and yelled every time she gets home from work by her unemployed husband. A newborn child left near the garbage can.

These stories have been told by many anonymous people over the world. We wouldn’t even know you have a personal related story to those mentioned above. Some may have reported the incidences and some may have kept it to this very day because you may be afraid of rejection, shame and you feel that there is a threat to your own life if this would come out.

Being in this situation is but difficult and unfathomed to understand. But why do these exist? Let us examine how things can be cruel in the eyes of the abuser.

There are multiple reasons why an abuser abuses. In early history, when he was yet a child, he was part in an abusive atmosphere that he has grown to think normal, like living with an abusive parent. As soon as that child becomes an adult, he will be psychologically influenced with his past experiences turning him as the abuser this time. Taking the role of an abuser is the time wherein he takes control of the situation and gains emotional strength and control to relationships that before he was a victim. The cycle of violence may continue for generations.

Abuse can also be committed when ones mental health is not normal, if one may be into anger management issues, drinking or drug problem and if diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder. Empathy deficit may be another cause an abuser abuses because of brain damage and empathetic capabilities of the individual hasn’t developed because in an early age, he has been subjected to worst forms of abuse. All of these are possible reasons why abuse is committed. It is best that if any of these happen, one should report, seek help, and be rehabilitated. It’s never too late making that brave move for a better well-lived life.

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