Why do Cats eat grass?

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Why do Cats eat grass?

Cats can be a vegetarian is we allow them to be. Oftentimes, we observe our cats eating grass rather than feasting with fish or cat food. This is normal for cats. They must not be deprived of eating grass because this helps in their digestive process.

Some cat owners don’t allow cats to graze on grass because of its low nutrition and its indigestible property. But cats must be fed by grass once in a while to make them throw up the prey they have eaten live. Cats eat mouse even if they are still alive. The whole mouse is inedible because of the fur and bones. To help the cat’s stomach not to swell because of the indigestible matter, the grass is a perfect solution. While nibbling on the green blades, they will be able to vomit the grass together with the fur and bones. This is a safer process rather than letting the bones flow in the cat’s intestines getting it wounded and pierced.

Grass has juice that contains folic acid. This can be vital to cat’s health because the folic acid aids in the production of hemoglobin. If the cat has enough hemoglobin, the oxygen can flow easily in the blood which assist the cat’s blood circulation.

Eating grass is not bad at all for our cats. It even helps in the cleaning process of the digestive system as contradictory of the theory that it can poison the cat.

Cats, by nature, love to eat grass and as pet owners we must allow them to because that’s part of their health routine. However, cats must not be allowed to eat other herbs because some plants might intoxicate them. Other herbs are toxins and might cause alarm to their digestive tract. Grass is safer so let them nibble the green blade for their own good.

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