Why Do Christians Celebrate Christmas?

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Why Do Christians Celebrate Christmas?

There are ongoing debates whether Jesus Christ was born on the 25th of December (Christmas Day) or not. Some experts believe that the real birth date of Christ is still unknown even today. Christmas is celebrated once a year and is considered a very special day by many (especially Christians). This is a day of thanksgiving for the birth of Christ and what he did for the world.

Although the importance of the date is an issue, the symbolic value of the festivities is enough to make anyone excited. People from around the world celebrate Christmas with their family and friends. Decorating the Christmas tree and presenting gifts to each other is the norm during this day until the New Year. The ‘real reason, for the celebrations is to accept the greatest gift given to man, which is Jesus Christ.

He was born as a man in Bethlehem, to atone for the sins of each and every one of us. Christmas is a very special day not only because it represents the birth of Christ, but because of the effort that everyone does during this time of the year. Many link Christmas with the winter solstice. The Romans celebrate the solstice in honor of their god Saturn. The day was called Saturnalia and is the most celebrated time of the year, just like Christmas. It is celebrated from the 17th to the 25th of December.

While many believe that it is inappropriate to celebrate Christmas the way ‘people, celebrate them. They believed that Christmas should be celebrated in prayer and not merry making. Still, the majority of Christians celebrate Christmas with the intention to have fun and show their love ones how special they are to them. You don’t need a particular day to show people that you care and love them. You need to do that everyday, just like what Christ did for the whole world.

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