Why Do Muslims Celebrate Eid?

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Why Do Muslims Celebrate Eid?

Each and every race, religion or country has certain festivities that they celebrate together as one people, one tribe, and one faith. One common festival for instance, which the entire world marks as a time of joy and peace is Christmas, the very time when we remember the birth of one special person, Jesus Christ. Christians and non-Christians alike look forward every year to this celebration because of the distinct joyful atmosphere all around us. One similar occasion which the Muslim world celebrates with the same joy and excitement is the so-called aid, or eid-ul-fitr day.

This celebration is something that unites all of our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world as they end an intense period of fasting and prayer. They all look forward to this one great event. Eid for them is something that gives them so much hope for a better life here on earth and in the life after in Allah’s presence. Eid in short is the greatest festival for the Muslims worldwide.

Indeed, if there is one event which the Muslims believe to be a direct command coming from Allah, their God, is no less than the eid. This one grand celebration is the primary reason behind why they have to do fasting and pray several times in a particular day. According to their holy book, the Quran, Allah, the good God Himself, wishes them to commemorate and celebrate this very special occasion in festive atmosphere where happiness exudes and is felt by all. This is aptly referred to as the feast of Jashn-E-Nuzool.

The eid implies that Allah wants us to rejoice for knowing our real identities and status as coming from God Himself who is the Light Himself that counteracts the darkness of this world. Allah is the ultimate source of everything and knowing this wonderful fact that we are one with the Light Himself, is more than enough reason to rejoice and be merry.

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