Why do Ears itch?

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Why do Ears itch?

Before you put your finger or a q-tip on your ear and scratch the itchiness away, it is substantial to find out the reasons why your ears itch in the first place. This is important because there are many reasons behind itching ears and some may be an indication of a serious ear disease.
Earwax problems.

Earwax is essential to the ear as it helps in cleaning and lubrication. It also protects the ear from water, bacteria, fungi, or insects in entering, or developing, inside our ear. However, having too much or too little of earwax may cause itchiness.

If the earwax is too much, one may suffer an uneasy feeling of fullness inside the ear that may also affect one’s hearing. If this happen, it is best to consult an ear expert to remove the excessive earwax inside.

On the other hand, too little earwax that is common to swimmers may cause dryness in the ear canals thus making it easily irritated and itchy. This condition can be treated through the use of a cotton swab with one drop of olive oil in it.
Allergies and Skin ailments

Some cases of itchiness in the ears are caused by allergens or common skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis. Allergies are best cured by taking in antihistamine medications, while treatment for skin ailments varies depending on the prescription of doctors.
Fungal infections

Frequently exposing the ears to water may cause development of a fungal infection inside the ear canals that both irritates and cause itchiness. This condition is best relieved by making sure that the ear canal is dry in addition to applying an anti-fungal prescription.
In some cases, there are insects small enough to fit the ear that might end up inside the ear, especially when one is not aware of it. Once inside the ear, it is difficult for the insect to get out because of the earwax. And when that happens, it usually causes buzzing noises, irritation, and itching among many other unpleasant feelings that one has to suffer. Sometimes it is easy to remove an insect by carefully filling the ear and drowning the insect with warm water. If that does not work, better see an expert.

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