Why do Frogs Croak?

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Why do Frogs Croak?

It wouldn’t be hard to answer this question. Like humans use speech to communicate with other people, a frog croaks because it is their way of communication. However, there have been a few debates on why a frog croaks. Many believe that they use it to attract female frogs for mating. Others think that frogs croak to mark their territory and make it known to other frogs that they are the boss.

When a frog forces air from its lungs through the vocal cords, it produces the sounds and the vocal sacs amplify that sound. Frog talk may seem simple but there are other beliefs and even superstitions on why a frog croaks. Since frogs are capable of living on both worlds (the land and the water) they are closely tied to changes in the land, especially when it comes to rain.

When many frogs croak together, people believe that a strong storm will come. Other superstitious beliefs include the killing of frogs in India. Girls kill frogs in India because they believe that it brings good luck and they would have a higher chance of a successful marriage. In some parts of the world, frogs are known to cause ‘warts,. Touching a frog will give you warts, being urinated by one, stepping on it and the list goes on. The ironic part is that some cultures actually rubs the frog on their ‘wart afflicted, skin and believes that it will cure them.

Frogs are viewed as a sign of bad and good luck. Out of the different beliefs and superstitions about frogs it is important to treat them with respect. They are the natural ‘exterminators, in the animal kingdom because their primary food is insects. Insects that can cause harm to people like mosquitoes and flies.

So the next time you hear a frog croak don’t get scared. It means that there is someone making sure that all the bad insects knows their place.

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