Why Do Glow-Worms Glow?

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Why Do Glow-Worms Glow?

Many of us are left astounded by the sight of the little light and glow that some insects can produce. This includes the magical lure that glow-worms can create at the darkest time of the night. Left in awe with this natural phenomenon, ever wondered why glow-worms do glow?

First of all, it is importantant for you to know what glow-worms are. In general, glow-worms are nocturnal animals that depend on the light produced by the sun to set their day-to-day rhythm. Meaning to say, if you flash torches towards these insects, you are giving them the wrong and false signals to switch off their glow, which thus makes it hard for us to see them during the day. In dealing with these creatures, therefore it is important to regard them as highly sensitive creatures. So if you want to astound yourself with their natural glow, you might as well treat them with respect and abide by their dark environment.

If you think that these types of worms actually glow for vanity purposes only, you are wrong. These ‘lamps, that glow-worms have in them actually have a function for their reproduction, survival and communication with the same of their species. In the area of reproduction, glow worms actually use their light to give signs that it has found its mate since their life expectancy it quite short, it is rather necessary for them to attract a suitable mate and reproduce immediate to form the next generation.

As for their survival, glow-worms actually use their glow to either scare off prey from eating them or luring other insects to fly into their sticky web. Either way, glow-worms are capable of making their light glow with rhythm and synchrony. Furthermore, glow-worms also make use of their light to call on to other insects, just like how crickets and other insects make sounds to communicate with their species.

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