Why do Guinea pigs jump?

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Why do Guinea pigs jump?

As it is otherwise known as cavy, guinea pigs are small animals belonging to the species of rats or rodents. Despite its name, this animal possesses its own unique characteristics, irrelevant to that of pigs or rats. Considered to be a highly domesticated animal, guinea pigs are rarely found in the wild portions of nature and are primarily enjoyed by many Western societies as their pet. As early as 5000 BC, guinea pigs were first domesticated in South America, in the land of Andes. Its existence then, served various purposes across countries around the globe. For instance in the country of Peru, guinea pigs were deemed to praised and worshipped as part of their artistic culture of animal belief. In Spain on the other hand, the varied breeds of the animal became a source of food while in other countries, guinea pigs were offered as part of religious practices, in metaphors and even in healing practices. But in the European region, the introduction of guinea pigs brought to the society in awe, that its kind was considered to be exotic, making it pets of royalties in the place.
Indeed, exotic as they are, guinea pigs have certain characteristics that no other kind of animal can do. One of its interesting features of this animal is that it has the ability to do the thing called popcorning. Popcorning is sudden leap of guinea pigs just like that in popcorns. That is, they unpredictably jump, making observers jump as well. The reason why guinea pigs do popcorning is that they are just happy and full of elevating spirits. And, only those who are healthy among the guinea pigs can do this interesting, funny trick of popcorning.
So there’s nothing to worry about when guinea pigs suddenly jump.

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