Why do guinea pigs whistle?

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Why do guinea pigs whistle?

Guinea pigs are found to make noises like whistling. There is no specific reason for their whistles. Some say that they whistle due to pain and some say that whistling is due to extreme happiness. If they are in need of food they were observed to make some other different noises not like that of whistling. Guinea pigs are known to make some squeaking noises when its back is scratched a little bit. When its cage is opened and when anyone goes near the guinea pig, it is normal that it squeaks. Squeaking noise is made generally to ask for food. They are also found to lick the human fingers to make out whether the fingers are their food. If the guinea pigs are deficient of salt they were found to lick the human fingers when we go near them.

Whistling is considered normal by many of the pet owners. The owners say that guinea pigs make this whistling noise when a noise is made by us with plastic bag or when we shake their treat box. It was noticed that guinea pigs make rumbling noise when they are irritated and afraid of something. So, probably whistling was done when they are at relaxed state and in good mood. Guineas were known to make rumbling noise when their fur is stroked upwards. It appears that they do not like this act as it hurts their hair follicles on the skin. Their cage door must be opened slowly failing which they get scared. They make high pitched whistling or squeaking noise when they are excited and start licking or nibbling at your fingers. Whistling is a sign of happiness and excitement for guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs were found to develop strong affection towards their owners and were known to whistle and cheer when the owner enters their room and open their cage. Guinea pigs behave politely and gently towards those who handle them with care.

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