Why do lynxes have ear tufts?

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Lynxes are wild cats that are medium in size and are characterized by black tufts on their long ears and tails.  They basically eat rodents in the wild and do their hunting activities mostly at night. The tufts in their ears make lynxes quite distinct from other cat species, and some people have wondered if these hair tufts actually serve a purpose.

Known to have great hunting skills, lynxes actually use their ear tufts to improve their already impressive hearing abilities.  As great hunters, these cats are generally known to have a very long range when it comes to their sense of hearing. The tufts on their ears add to this ability and further help lynxes hear sounds from very long distances. This ability helps the lynxes hunt for food and monitor their home turf or perimeter.

Lynxes typically live in isolation from other cats, and they usually prefer dense and thick vegetation when it comes to their homes.  When it comes to hunting, these animals may appear to have some difficulty navigating through tall grasses and thick vegetation, but with their impressive hearing abilities, they can pinpoint exactly the right direction of a possible food source in the form of hares and squirrels.  Their black ear tufts basically widen and improve their hearing range to help them with their hunting activities which they do more often at nighttime.  Along with their ear tufts that provide great hearing, lynxes are also gifted with great vision which further accentuates their ability to hunt for food in seemingly difficult conditions in the forest.

Many lynxes also prefer variety when it comes to choosing their homes.  Some lynxes are known to stay in so-called young forests with new plants and trees while others prefer to roam around old forests.  Both types of forests, though, need to have thick vegetation in order for the lynxes to be comfortable.  The thick vegetation also serves as cover and protection for lynxes from their own predators, and in these conditions they need to have good hunting abilities in order to survive. With good eyesight and great hearing provided by their ear tufts, lynxes are able to survive and thrive in jungles and forests.


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