Similarities Between Cats and Dogs

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When one looks a large German shepherd dog next to a small munchkin cat carefully, you will not see any similarities between the two animals. However, both cats and dogs have several similarities that many people cannot realize.

  • What is a Dog?

A domesticated dog is a wolf-like canid, which belongs to the genus Canis, which is a most abundant terrestrial carnivore.

  • What is a Cat?

A cat is a small animal that is domesticated as a pet by many people while other people tame it with the purpose of chasing away rodents from eating and destroying grains.

Similarities Between Cats and Dogs

Similarities Between Cats and Dogs

  1. Similarities between Cats and Dogs in terms of “Relationship with People”

One of the main similarity between cats and dogs is that they have a high affinity for people. It is believed that cats and dogs moved closer to a human settlement where they began their friendly relationship with human beings. Dogs benefited from a man who offered food and shelters while the two combining forces to hunt other wild animals for food. On the other hand, cats and dogs helped to scare away other dangerous animals while at the same time helping to keep away rodents and other pests. Today, the relationship between people and the two animals have gone into an extra level where both are allowed to stay indoors and to be separate privileges, which include touring with people too different places even to other countries.

  1. Similarities between Cats and Dogs in terms of “Territorial Instincts”

Another notable similarity between dogs and cats is that both animals express their territorial instincts and can go an extra mile in defending their territories through aggression and fights. Dogs combine forces to form a hunting pact, which is very efficient and formed with the sole purpose of improving the chances of successful hunting and territorial defense. In addition, dogs will attack other strange dogs, which will be attempting to impinge upon their territory. On the other hand, cats are a loner and mark their perceived boundaries, which they defend against other cats except when mating.

  1. Similarities between Cats and Dogs in terms of “Adapting to the Wild”

One of the main and special characteristics between dog and cat is that they can survive in the wild. If human beings are wiped out of the wild today, many cats and dogs will adapt to the wild where they will find their food and protection. Although the majority of cats and dogs highly depend on humans for food and shelter, many cats and dogs have been surviving in the wild, which means that both animals still exhibit wild characteristics despite many years that have passed after they were domesticated. Besides, the two animals are likely to exhibit wild behaviors quickly when defending themselves against other wild animals.

  1. Similarities between Cats and Dogs in terms of “Biological Similarity”

One of the most ignored similarities between cats and dogs is that both trace their biological similarity, which means that they can ultimately determine a similar ancestral line. The two animals belong to the class Mammalia where they have fur on their skins, which helps them to keep warm. Moreover, both cats and dogs belong to the kingdom Animalia that means that they give birth to young ones, which are also breastfeeding before they can feed on alternative foods available. Besides, both cats and dogs belong to the order carnivore, which means that they were ultimately made up to feed on fresh, but they have evolved further to feed on other food products available after domestication.

  1. Similarities between Cats and Dogs in terms of “Domestication”

Lastly, both cats and dogs, like other animals, which include cattle and goats among other, are domesticated. The two animals need affection from human beings, which is expressed in several ways. Dogs are very playful and need the company of human beings regularly because it is hard for them to be happy alone. They will also tend to look for affection around other dogs in the area. On the other hand, cats need cuddling and constant touch from human beings. Moreover, cats can be playful alone where they play with objects in their surroundings.

Summary points on similarities between Cats and Dogs

  • Cats and dogs have similar necessary body plans. Both are four-legged creatures with elongated tails and a horizontal body posture.
  • Although most cats are smaller than most dogs, the two animals do overlap in size.

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