Why do Mullet jump?

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Why do Mullet jump?

Mullets leap or jump from waters. Leaping is of two types where one type is to avoid the predators while the other is to respire aerially. If the mullet leaps to avoid the predators, it does along with other fish jumping at the same time. They reach upright posture when they come out of the water and then dive into the waters smoothly. The other type of jumping involves only one fish at a time leaping very slowly and falling off to its side immediately or to its back. The fish are also known to move on the surface and also swim with their heads kept above the waters.

The research study conducted by Hoese in 1985, says that sea mullet jump out to just fill the pharyngobranchial organ with air. The air that is absorbed in, will make the mullet to be active inside the waters where the oxygen concentration is less. The air inhaled by the mullet when it comes out of the water by jumping will help it to remain active inside the waters for five minutes. As the oxygen that is supplied inside the waters is less, more jumps were made.

Sea mullet remains at the bottom of the sea where oxygen concentrations are low. So jumping by the mullet takes place during the day time and it jumps very rarely in the nights. The above mentioned types are the two theories which state the reasons for jumping of mullet. The other version for the mullets to jump out is that to take away the parasites that were filtered into their gills. As they are feeding at the bottom of the sea they filter the organic substances through the gills available with them. When the mullet jump fastly and drive it forcefully out of the waters, they confuse the predators and run for safety. Jumping is a special behavior of the group where they like to jump out frequently together. Some people say that mullets jump as they feel that jumping makes them happy.

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