Why Do Trees Live So Long?

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Why Do Trees Live So Long?

Trees can grow and live for number of years. It can even live longer than humans. The oldest living tree, the bristlecone pine, is even 4,600 years old. Imagine how many generations it had lived. It already witnessed thousands of events and ancient histories of the world.
Trees can be compared to people because it has a life cycle. It grows, grows older, and will die it suffers from insect manifestation or environmental dreadful conditions. The trees are considered as the longest living things in the earth. Although some trees have no exact life span, they still exist according to their condition. Some trees may live longer while others could not survive longer years.

Trees can live long because of a special tissue called meristems., In plant anatomy, meristems are tissues composed of cells which are capable of growth and division in plant. The meristem is the reason why trees can grow indefinitely.

To know how many years the tree has lived, an indication is the growth rings. The number of growth rings is equal to the number of years of the trees. Trees can live longer in forests because that is their habitat. They can get enough supply of water, sunlight, and air. However, trees may also die if they don’t get enough nutrients such as sufficient water, carbon dioxide, and air.

If trees can live so long, they can also die at a very young age. The causes of their death are human environmental impacts such as erosion, illegal logging, and deforestation. Trees also die younger because of urbanization. Some forests are converted to subdivisions and urban housing. The life span of the trees is also influenced by natural calamities such as storms, tsunamis, fires, and earthquakes. Events such as insect infestations and diseases can be prevented to further improve the life span of the trees.

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