Why Is Delaware Called The Diamond State?

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Diamond state is the nickname of the State of Delaware. The reason behind the nickname of diamond state is that at the time of the creation of the United States, Thomas Jefferson saw Delaware “as a “jewel” among the states due to its strategic location on the Eastern Seaboard”. In a way, the nickname was given to Delaware by Thomas Jefferson himself.

The Jefferson quote inspired the legacy of the state. The current flag of the State of Delaware has a buff diamond carrying the coat of arms on a blue field. The Seal of the State is reflective of the American revolutionary movement with the logo of “Liberty and Independence”.

The reason why Thomas Jefferson referred to the state as a jewel was its critical importance for the newly formed federation of states. Not only was Delaware a key colony in the region, the inclusion of which would have greatly strengthened the United States, but under Britain, the state also had some of the key trading centers in the region. The trade routes going through Delaware made the state an important asset to the United States.

The status of being such an important state for the United States was not without a struggle. There was initially resistance to the idea of abandoning Britain and joining a new federation known as the United States. Legislators and campaigners convinced the Colonial Assembly of Delaware to declare its independence. Furthermore, the Delaware soldiers made up the premier regiment of the American Revolutionary Army. After conflicts such as the “Battle of Brandywine” and the “Battle of Cooch’s Bridge” in 1777, the British kept control of the state until the end of the American Revolutionary War.

Another reason could have been that Delaware was the first state to ratify the United States Constitution on December 7, 1787. This is why Delaware is also referred to as “The First State”. Other nicknames of the state include “The Small Wonder” and “Blue Hen State”.

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