Why is Electricity important?

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Why is electricity important?

A hundred years have passed since the time when man lived in the world of darkness. Where there is no direct source of light instead of the sun during the day and the moon and stars during the night. Then along came fire and everything changes. People begun to love fire and its usage but also dreaded its dangers. After a few decades, during the time of the ancient Greeks, electricity was first discovered through rubbing fur on amber which caused a reaction between the two. And in the year 1600, William Gilbert, an English physician coined the term electric” derived from the Greek word ‘elektron’, in identifying the force which certain substances exert during friction or when being rubbed with one another.

Since then, many discoveries and inventions were made that involves electricity. One famous story is the one we all know – Benjamin Franklin and his kite. Of course we all know the story but based on actual studies, it was a man named Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist who first discovered that certain chemical reactions would produce electricity and not Benjamin Franklin.

It was not until the year 1831 that electricity became possible to use for technology. English scientist Michael Faraday’s invention called the ‘electric dynamo’ opened the door to a new era in terms of electricity and modern technology just like the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison.

Since then, electricity became an essential part of our daily lives. Many scientists continue to invent machines generated by electricity like the television, radio, electric fans and the computer . Because of this radical change in technology, people became more and more dependent on electricity and its use.

I don’t think anyone in this present age would want to live without electricity. Still, it’s not impossible to live without it but it is essential to live with it especially if you are living in the busy world of the city.

Imagine a world without electricity, without television, computers, airplanes, and trains and even simple machines like the electric stove, oven toaster or the coffee maker. Electricity is important because it helps make our lives easier. It is the lifeblood that flows inside our electronic gadgets making it work. Without it, any machine would be practically useless.

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