Why Should Fast Food Be Banned?

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Why Should Fast Food Be Banned?

One of the biggest earning industries in the whole world today is fast food chains. It is earning like money comes out of the faucet, it’s that big! But there are talks about banning fast foods because of various reasons. Let’s divulge into it and see for ourselves if it is really worth the while:

1. Fast food chains serve menu with high calorie content.
2. They also offer foods that are high in fat.
3. Since cooking time is fast, service is fast ‘š the amount of time spent to prepare the food is fast ‘š it does not have nutritional value.
4. With all the reasons considered above, these poses a problem on obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and other heart related issues.

With that said, should fast food joints be banned?

It is a matter of choice. People know that eating fast food entails some health related issue. They know that it is high in calorie which means it will most definitely be in excess of what they need in a day’s consumption and that excess will become stored fat ‘š obesity problems ensue.

People also know that fast food is high in fat. How else can a fried chicken have crispy skin if it was not dipped in 2 kilos of oil? See that? Fatty foods are known to clog arteries and eventually cause heart diseases. People are aware of that.

They are also learned of the fact that fast food is not at all nutritious. It is high in calorie and made with too much fat ‘š how can it be good for the body?

So, it goes back to the question of choice. You cannot ban something that is widely accepted and patronized. One can make a recommendation but still, fast food chains are a staple, so to speak ‘š it would be impossible to ban them especially when money is a primary concern.

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