Why is work important?

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Why is work important?

Ever since man lived on earth, he has been working hard to survive. During earlier times where life was still simple, man toiled the land in order to have food and shelter. That is their work. Nowadays, with the introduction of money, man works hard in various ways in order to make a living so they could have food and shelter.

Our world is being controlled by money. Work is vital to earn money ‘š money that you can use to buy the things that you want and need; pay your bills; buy yourself a house and enjoy your life. Without money, don’t expect to live long and happy.

Work gives a person his or her sense of purpose. Having a job keeps people busy especially those who actually enjoy their work. Without anything to occupy our time, we would become couch potatoes just sitting there watching t.v, wasting every minute of our lives.

Our job helps define our identity. Most of the time, we include our job occupation when introducing ourselves to others. Having a career boosts your confidence and adds value to your self-esteem. It boosts our dignity and self-worth plus we gain respect from other people.

A working experience can help you learn new things and develop your skills through trainings and seminars that most companies offer. Working inside a company can also teach you camaraderie, teamwork, cooperation and subordination. There is just no limit to what you can learn while working.

Lastly, when you work, you’re already helping your community by become an asset to your country. As a worker, you contribute to the development of your country by helping make the country’s economy stronger. If you want to serve your country, become an asset and not a liability.

In conclusion, work is important because it is what man needs to do to survive. But always remember that man is not created to work all his life. Work is just the means to survive but not the reason to. So while we work, let’s enjoy every minute and not work ourselves to death. Remember the phrase, ‘Work to live and don’t live to work,.

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