Why is Forensic science important?

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Why is forensic science important

Rapid growth of poverty, economic recession of global economy, and the unjust behavior of humanity have become the contributing factors that led to increasing criminal activities. These have triggered to the continuous waste of lives of innocent people and this is where the discipline of forensic science comes in.
Forensic science plays a vital role in uncovering and unsealing unsolved mysteries in a certain crime scene. Forensic science deals with the investigations through gathered evidences from crime scenes such as the finger prints, gunshots, weapons used, etc.
Studying forensic science would include differ types of evidence gathering like DNA profiling which can detect important clues in genetic makeup. Autopsy is also one discipline of forensic science. It can determine how the time of death and how the death occurred.
Forensic science is a systematic approach where information and material evidences are put together to function as proofs in meticulous investigations. It is a process that justifies unseen stories behind a certain event. It serves as the answers to unending questions that are hard to solve.
Forensic science becomes the gateway to an honest justice system. It helps the traditional and unfair judicial processes that other countries are suffering. By using forensic science, into. nd just justice prejudices can be eliminated.
Forensic science has indeed change the face of the judicial system in the global arena. Improvements to solve the cases and provision of better solutions have undeniably transformed not only the judicial system but the entire humanity. Lives of innocent people were saved because of the scientific proofs and documents. With forensic science, the less privileged is given proper justice.
The importance of forensic science should not be underrated because it allowed the spirit of truthfulness. It continues to give hope for the people who are seeking justice and freedom. With forensic science, more lives become worthy, and justice has indeed prevailed.

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  1. Luke Smith

    June 29, 2022 7:38 pm

    I like that you pointed out how forensic science is a process that justifies unseen stories behind a certain event. I was watching a crime show last night and I was quite impressed by all the forensic investigation being done by the authorities. I heard there are even bloodstain pattern forensic analysis services being offered nowadays which makes catching criminals even easier.


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