Why is Hulu so slow?

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Why is Hulu so slow?

The server of this site called hulu.com was found to become slow when more people are connected to the server to watch the videos. The problem of the site server being slower might be due to improper internet connection at the client side. The hulu.com server has become so slow because many people are getting connected to it at one time. The videos at hulu are choppy and slow in full screen. Some people knew that the problem in their system is with the flash player when they are watching videos from hulu server. It was found that hulu server expects its visitors to have latest version of Flash software. The flash players were found to be working well with other sites in full screen.
Updating the flash to version more than 10 might solve the problem of becoming slow. But, this might not be a permanent solution. There is a suggestion that turning off hardware acceleration” in Flash can reduce the slowness of hulu. The rendering method can be changed by changing the boxee code which can help to a little extent in making the hulu video fast. The problem with the router can be the cause for slow running of videos from hulu site.
Like the You-tube, videos running directly from hulu have to first occupy the cache memory in the system and then occupy the permanent memory space of the computer . If the capacity of the cache in the system is sufficient, then it will harbor more information called as buffer. Later this buffer gets transferred to the actual memory. Cache memory serves in speeding up the process of downloading. If the cache memory is less in your system, it cannot buffer more data at a time and hence the process of downloading becomes slow. The same problem is also observed in You-tube.
There might be many reasons for hulu site to become slow, and low cache memory space in the destination computer may be one of those.

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