Why is Juventus called Old Lady?

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Why is Juventus called old lady?

Juventus is a recognized name of a football club that is based in Italy. As one professional football club, Juventus is ranked as the third oldest formed football club, which until today, remains in one of the top ranks in the country. The group was initially formed a group of young individuals who were prominently known in Italy. Until this time, the Juventus Football Club has reached its height of success and is one of the most recognized sports organizations across nations over the world.

Apart from its formal name of Juventus Football Club, it was also highly recognized by the name, Old Lady. While others call it The Girlfriend of Italy, The White-Blacks, The Zebras, The Lady Killers and a few others, The Old Lady is the name that made such club more famous than ever.

One of the major reason behind the acquisition of the Club as The Old Lady is because of its antiquity. Its existence for the longest years in the recorded history of Italy, indulge most of its citizens to label such sports organization as The Old Lady.

For others, the reason behind such name is that Italians find Juventus as that of an old lady who needs to critically be cared for.

Another assumed reason behind the name, The Old Lady, is that despite being one of the oldest sports organizations existing in Italy, it has the youngest known players ever to play the game of football during the time of its existence.

While many sports organizations have emerged during this era, Juventus Football Club continues to stand proud and unceasingly waves its name in banners and flags as it is still being recognized, even by the youngest and most technologically influenced generations of this passing time.

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