Why is Money so important?

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Why is Money so important?

The importance of money will be felt at different levels by various groups of people. The extent of the significance of money to one person may not be the same extent considered by another. This is because the value of money will be experienced strongly by those who have no money or less money with them. Rich people enjoy the money and try to accumulate lot more to what they already have. This is done as they are afraid of losing the existing money and probably they may not be able to get adjusted without money. The fear of losing entire money makes the rich to become still richer while the poor people seldom get the chance to improve their economical condition. Gradually the gap between haves’ and have-nots’ is increasing day by day mostly in developing countries.

But, actually the relevance and importance of money is not correctly understood by most of the people in the society. The first and foremost thing that everyone should keep in mind is that money is not the purpose’ of life. I do not say that we should live without money. Money is definitely essential for our living. It would be nice if everyone think that money is the tool for them to achieve his or her goals in life. Our culture, traditions and religious teachings tell us that money should be earned righteously so that one can spend it in proper manner without wasting it. It is also mentioned in scriptures that money should not be earned by causing troubles to others. The grief of others must not be the cause of the money that we have. Following this principle will enable us to understand the real significance of money.

Money should serve our essential needs of living and to this extent we need to earn money. We can also learn the importance of money by donating some money to the poor which is in excess with us. This act will enhance the value of our life. Money should not be spent to satisfy our ego or for show off”. It is healthy to possess money with us to the extent that we do not become so possessive towards it. Otherwise the money loses its importance in your life.

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